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Jeremiah Gramm

Jeremiah Gramm

Financial Advisor

As a high school student grappling with the myriad possibilities that lay ahead in my career, the path forward became unequivocally clear during my transformative internship experience with Montage Wealth Advisors. Witnessing the tangible impact this esteemed firm had on its clients, coupled with the invigorating work environment and collaboration with exceptional professionals, crystallized my aspiration to pursue a career as a financial advisor.

Commencing my journey in January 2021 as an intern, I dedicated three days a week during tax season to delve into the intricacies of the business, primarily focusing on the tax domain. Concurrently, I diligently pursued and obtained my California Tax License. Emboldened by the insights garnered during this period, I transitioned into a full-time position post-tax season, concurrently undertaking rigorous study to acquire several licenses integral to the financial advisory realm.

My overarching goal is to emerge as an advisor committed to delivering unparalleled value to clients. By immersing myself in their financial landscape, comprehending their objectives, and steering them towards the path of utmost financial success, I aim to build enduring relationships founded on trust and expertise.

Beyond the confines of the office, my diverse interests manifest in my love for the beach, engagement in various sports, and a penchant for travel. Equally integral to my identity is the quality time I invest in fostering connections with friends and family. Drawing from a profound passion for serving others, I have contributed to multiple mission trips to Myanmar and Ecuador, orchestrating Bible-focused camps for children and young adults. Embarking on this career journey aligns seamlessly with my lifelong dedication to meaningful service and positions me to make a lasting impact in the realm of financial advisory.