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Over the years, we’ve enjoyed helping our clients organize their finances in an effort to simplify their lives; we want to give them the confidence to say, “Yes!” to more of what they love to do. Although each new milestone you face can feel like uncharted territory, as a multi-generational, family-owned practice, we’ve already been where you’re planning on going or where you want to go. We’ve helped guide families through every life stage, but we understand that your circumstances are unique. That’s why we provide personalized, objective advice to keep you organized and focused on the things and people you love.

“We Care More About You and Your Money than Anyone
Else that Doesn’t Share your Last Name.”

We are dedicated to providing sudden singles, pre-retirees, and business owners with personalized solutions and exceptional service to help them pursue financial goals with confidence. Learn more about our commitment to your financial well-being today. We believe in being transparent at Montage Wealth Advisors, and we're open about our fee schedule to ensure that clients with $500,000 asset minimums, fully understand what they are paying for, and feel confident in the value of our services

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Tailored Guidance to Help You Navigate Every Life Stage 

 We recognize that everyone's financial journey is unique, and it's important to have guidance that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. No matter where you are in your financial journey, we're here to provide guidance to navigate each life stage with confidence.

Our Process
  • Understand: Goals, Values, Plans for Your Life, and Money
  • Develop a “Financial Roadmap”
  • Compile & Organize Documents & Statements
  • Tax Review for Income and Investments
  • Review Insurance: Life, Property, Accident, Health
  • Assess Investment Risk Tolerance
Our History
  • Develop a Financial Plan
  • Investment Allocation & Location
  • Cash Management Strategy
  • Tax Strategy for Current and
  • Retirement Income
  • Develop a Long-Term Investment Plan
  • Understand Investment Behavior
  • Long-Term Care Strategy
  • College Funding Plan
  • Plan to Assist Parents
Our Values
  • Based on a Financial Plan
  • Execute Investment Portfolio
  • Account Consolidation (If Needed)
  • Create New Accounts (If Needed)
  • 401(k) Adjustments
  • Automate Savings & Investing
  • Adjustment for Tax Efficiency
  • Replace/Terminate/Buy Insurance
Our Process
  • Set Up “Legacy Box”
  • Review & Coordinate with Attorney to Create Trusts or Wills, and/or Special Trusts
  • Review Power of Attorney & Health Care Documents
  • Review Beneficiaries on All Accounts
Our History
  • Review All Changes & Items Implemented
  • Make Adjustments as Needed
  • Review & Complete ID
  • Checkup and Credit Risks
  • Review Legacy & Inheritance Plans
  • Set Up Family Meetings & Workshops
Our Values
  • Review the Plan, Life Events & Accounts to Keep you on Track
  • Review ID & Credit Risks
  • Review Current Tax Situation
  • Review SSA Statement, 401 k Plan, & Other Accounts
  • Review Cash Position

*Tax services offered through Montage Wealth Advisors. Cetera Advisor Networks LLC does not provide tax or legal advice.

Streamlined User-Friendly Software

As part of your curated financial strategy, you will receive access to user-friendly software platforms that enable you to easily track and manage your financial goals. This software provides personalized insights and recommendations, as well as the ability to securely communicate with our team and track progress toward your financial objectives. View some of the available platforms below.

MoneyGuide Pro

MoneyGuide Pro

Fit to Retire

Fit to Retire



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